A Look At Spidi Track Motorcycle Suits

If you are looking for high quality, functional, protective and yet stylish motorcycle suits then you need to look no further than Spidi Track motorcycle suits. These offer motorcyclists with protection from the cold, rain and impacts from motorcycle accidents. The motorbike suits from the company have definitely evolved over the years and they are now better than ever! Apart from ordering readymade suits online, one can also opt for custom-designed suits with the help of Spidi On Fit program. The customer simply has to reach out to the company in order to create custom suits made from top quality leather and advanced fabrics.

Reviews On Some of the Market’s Best Spidi Track Motorcycle Suits

  • Spidi track Pro Race Suit


    • $1,399.95

    • Multitech Protectors

    • Extra Pockets

    • Optional Hydropack

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The company offers a vast range of biking suits designed for men as well as women. These suits are the end products of research and experience in terms of sports riding. In case of suits for female, the cuts and shaping are such that they enhance the feminine figure, without compromising on protection of course! Most of these suits are made from perforated cowhide leather and are therefore highly durable. Apart from cowhide leather, the brand also offers suits made from kangaroo leather.

When it comes to leather suits, most motorcyclists tend to worry about having issues with flexibility and comfort. If you too have this worry then you can put it to rest because these suits feature perforation at specific areas, therefore there are very less chances of sweating profusely when having these suits on. Contrary to the common misconceptions, leather bike suits are actually extremely light and comfortable! Also, most of the suits feature Keprotech stretch areas in the joints, therefore they facilitate quick and easy movements.

As far as the sizing is concerned, one can refer to the size chart given on the website in order to ensure that one gets a precise fit when buying these suits. There are a lot of suits to choose from, therefore it is quite normal for one to be spoilt for choice when browsing through the collection. The Spidi 2015 collection of bike suits is extremely impressive and attractive. You can choose from amongst this collection or you can opt for bestsellers such as Track Wind Pro, etc. The suits from this brand are preferred by professional motorcycle racers such as Leon Camier, Marco Melandri, Andrea Dovizioso and so on. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a choice that is the favorite of a lot of experts!