A Review of Gerbing’s Motorcycle Heated Riding Suits

A Review of Gerbing’s Motorcycle Heated Riding Suits

One of the best solutions to keep you warm during rides in the coldest of winters is the use of heated motorcycle suits. This clothing makes use of conducting element which produces heat as electricity passes through it. Designed to be waterproof and breathable, this clothing keeps the rider comfortable during cold weather riding. There are many different brands of heated gear available in the market, but Gerbing’s technology stands out as the most advanced and effective.

Gerbing’s Heated Riding Suit’s Protective Features:

Heated - Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner
Heated - Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

Gerbing’s eXtreme Element (XE) jackets and pants can be bought together to serve as high-performance two-piece motorcycle heated riding suits. With this suit, Gerbing’s not only keeps you warm and comfortable but defends your body against injuries.

Both the jackets and pants are manufactured using tough 330-denier Cordura which guards you against the elements and rashes efficiently. This material is durable and it is very difficult to tear. For additional protection against abrasions the suit makes use of ballistic grade Cordura in the sensitive areas which include elbows, knees and shoulders. The suit also provides a CE approved armor in these areas and also the spine to provide impact resistance. It also features 360 degree reflective piping for night time visibility.

This suit is also 100% waterproof for riding in wet weather. It does not get moist in wet condition protecting you from freezing cold. It is coated with polyurethane which is water resistant. In addition, the seams are heat sealed to prevent water from seeping in. You can also use these motorcycle heated riding suits in rainy and cold weather.

Gerbing’s Patented Microwire Heating Technology is The Best:

These suits are equipped with this highly efficient technology which spreads the warmth around the body quickly and uniformly. Microwire consists of micro-sized fibers which are much better than the traditional heavy and slow copper wires.

The Microwire consists of bundles of micro-thin stainless steel strands which are packed together and wrapped in Teflon. The heat is released from the surface of the wire and since these wires have high surface area to volume ratio the heat spreads around your body almost instantly. The wires will warm you in just about 10% of the time taken up by comparable size and numbers of copper wires.

Additionally, these wires are extremely light, so you won’t even feel them in your clothing.

The Power Source and Wire Connections:

The heating system of these motorcycle heated riding suits is powered by 12V electrical system. The suit can be either easily connected to the vehicle’s battery under the seat or to 12V accessory outlets in the vehicle using the connecting wires provided with the suit. After the connection with the power source is made, the wires are connected to a double troller that helps vary the amount of heating provided by the suit. The troller is a small box that can be attached to pants’ belt or placed in a pocket in the jacket. It is then connected to the main plug in the liner near the lower corner of the jacket. Wires from the main plug extend all around the jacket and plugs stick out of the sleeve and waist of the jacket for connection with gloves and pants. The pants also provide connection plugs that can be connected to heated socks. This advanced inter-connected system allows you to keep each and every part of your body warm quite conveniently.

These motorcycle heated riding suits are the warmest and most durable available in the market. They are available for both men and women in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect a fit. 

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