Choosing One-Piece Motorcycle Suits for Ultimate Protection

Choosing One-Piece Motorcycle Suits for Ultimate Protection

Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating and liberating sport that refreshes your mind and spirit, but it comes with many dangers to your well-being and, in worse cases, your life. To minimize the hazards of riding you must wear proper motorcycle safety gear. With tough apparel to protect all parts of your body, you can come out of an accident almost unscratched. Helmet for head and face and gloves for hands are not complete apparel that will not be effective in protecting you completely. You must guard your torso and legs as well.

One-Piece Motorcycle Suits Offer Maximum Safety:

one-piece motorcycle suits
One-piece motorcycle suits

For the protection of your torso and legs you can either buy a jacket and pants separately, or you can simply get a one-piece suit. These suits have an added advantage for your protection. They seamlessly protect your body from abrasions and injuries. In addition, they are impenetrable, which means that they are better at protecting you from the elements. If you are an aggressive rider or if you like to ride on harsh terrains, then one-piece motorcycle suits are essential for you.

Quick Buying Guide for First Timers:

Motorcycle suits are expensive and you need to be very careful when investing in one. A suit must have some necessary features for your complete safety. Here is all the information you need before you can make the best decision:

Material: Before you start your research to buy a suit you must be clear about the type of material your suit should be made of. Suits are available in a number of different materials each of which have unique attributes. The most common are leather suits as they are the most protective. It does not wear easily and guards you against abrasions and small impacts. However, it can restrain your movement and it is not suitable for hot weather and long rides. Textile one-piece motorcycle suits are made of Kevlar, Nylon, Cordura, etc. They are more breathable and provide better ventilation. Though, they are not as tough as leather; they can tear under high level of stress, which makes them less protective. You must get a leather suit if for highest security. Leather must have high-quality and it must be thicker than 1mm.

Armor: A motorcycle suit must come with a sturdy armor to protect your body against high impacts during crashes or falls. The armor must guard all the sensitive areas of your body which include chest, elbows, shoulders, spine, hips and knees. The armor must have the ability to disperse the energy of an impact. It must be CE approved which ensures that it has been tested for its ability to lower the force transmitted to your body to level that your body can withstand. Higher density armor around spine and hips is preferable.

Stitching and Fit: Even if the suit provides a number of advanced protective features, they all will remain in vain if it doesn’t have strong stitching or if it does not fit you snugly. One-Piece motorcycle suits must have multiple stitching of high tensile-strength fabrics like nylon or Kevlar; otherwise the suit will tear during accidents. It should also fit your closely, to the point of restricting you slightly. This way the armor will remain in place protecting you during crashes and falls even when your body posture changes rapidly.

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