Common Types of Motorcycle Suits

When it comes to motorcycles, fashion really can save your life. A bike is really nothing more than an engine strapped to a couple of wheels, so the bulk of the safety and comfort of a rider is going to come down to what he or she chooses to wear. This is why riding suits are so popular – they make up for the few shortcomings found in motorcycles. Below are three common types of motorcycle suits.

Motorcycle Suit Options

Rain Suits

Rain suits are perhaps the most common type of motorcycle suit. While they do not offer a great deal of protection from accidents, they do help to keep the rider dry and warm during wet and snowy weather. These suits are commonly owned by bikers who use their bikes as a primary mode of transportation, and they come in a number of styles that can fit almost any rider.

Leather Suits

These suits are protective suits often worn by bikers who are concerned about getting into accidents. As motorcycles have relatively little protection for riders, some bikers have decided to take matters into their own hands by wearing suits that offer a limited degree of crash protection. These suits generally protect riders from “road rash” caused falls at low speeds, and some suits now come equipped with kevlar plates that help to protect the riders at higher speeds.

Racing Suits

For those that take to the track, racing suits are the ideal form of protection. Like their leather cousins, they provide a good deal of crash protection – but unlike their street counterparts, they tend to be made with more flexibility for the rider. This not only makes this type of suit more suitable for the track, but gives the rider the greater level of control necessary for dealing with high speeds and obstacles.

Whether you are racing, riding, or just want to stay warm, there are suits out there that fit your needs. Finding the right suit is a matter of searching, but you can always take the time to find the right model if you stop to think about your normal riding habits. A racing suit isn’t great for a weekend rider, and you won’t need a rain suit during the dry season – but a good rider knows that it is always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. If you are going to take your bike out, you should always have the right level of protection.

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