Die Hard Bikers

Motorcycle riding is dangerous and can be fatal if done without wearing proper riding gear. This is a reason enough for any one who does not wear a riding gear while riding, to think all over again. Since we live our life but our lives belong to our loved ones, we certainly cannot take it for granted, at least for those we love.

Having said that, I am trying to pin point those bike riders today, who completely neglect the safety and protection in order to show their bravery and heroism. We all know that by nature, humans are self-defensive and we do the same in order to give excuses for not wearing riding gears. We defend our negligence with the most lame and abrupt excuses.


  •  Riding gear is too expensive to think of…well not as expensive as your life.
  • I can trust my skills rather then relying on a riding gear….you cannot trust the skills of others and neither can trust any misfortune.
  • I do not want to tie my self up into a riding gear….you better do so, if you want to see yourself riding next time.
  • Ok whatever, its too hot in here for a riding gear…you can choose between mesh and textile riding gear
  • Now that is it, what if I do not find my size or a good fit riding gear…..Have it made… Yes, you can always get yourself a custom suit for riding gear if you do not find right size and protection.

Dear, you have been lucky enough to survive without a riding gear until now but you must stop bluffing with your life. The most answerless excuse could be that you do not find the right size for your riding suit .This is no more a problem. Today you can find so many manufactures and online stores who offer a custom-made suit. Riding suit is always calculated as a main part of riding gear. Normally you can find a riding suit in one piece or two-piece, in different sizes. If you cannot come across your size easily and always have a problem finding a perfect fit, you can get yourself a well-tailored customized riding suit to fulfill your needs of protection and comfort.

This is a wonderful facility provided by so many stores, even online, that you can easily get your self a just right fitting custom suit. You can ask for a customized Riding suit with CE armor protectionAero hump, Removable liner Hip padding to fit you flawlessly.

We always forget that our seemingly small ignorance can cost a life, either of our own or someone else’s. Therefore it’s a humble request to all those who have been giving or relying on a lame excuse for not wearing bike riding gear…please its about time that you give up on those excuses and get yourself a good bike riding gear.

After all, you are special to someone… Take care and ride in pride.

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