Enjoy the Freedom of Track Days with Motorcycle Track Suits

Enjoy the Freedom of Track Days with Motorcycle Track Suits

If you are a riding enthusiast, surely you have been tempted to ride your bike aggressively while also breaking the law. Such bursts of passions are not only unsafe for you, but it can be a hazard to the other vehicles on the road.  If you want to enjoy the speed of your bike without any restrictions, then a safe and legal way to do this is to participate in motorcycle track days. Before you can participate in such an event you must prepare yourself with protective motorcycle attire which must include tough helmet, gloves, riding boots and motorcycle track suits.

What is a Motorcycle Track Day?

Motorcycle Track Suits
Motorcycle Track Suits

A track day is a controlled and organized event in which a motorcycle race tracks are opened up to the public. Such events have become increasingly popular among the riders and almost all the race tracks around the world allow it. During it the participating riders can enjoy their bike to the fullest. In addition, it improves their ability to maneuver and control their bike even in high-risk situations. Some organizers even provide instructors and guides to enhance the skills of the riders.

To participate in such an exciting activity you must fulfill some basic requirements. You must have a driver’s license and your vehicle must be prepared for track day riding. Commonly, the bike requirements include that the tires of your bike must be almost new, the safety signals, lights and mirrors of must be covered up with a tape, and you should remove the license plate. Check for the requirements before participating in the event.

Additionally, you must be wearing protective motorcycle attire.  Apart from helmets, glove and boots, you must wear a high-performance motorcycle track suit. You may not be eligible to participate if your gear is not in the top-notch state.

Must Have Features in Suits for Track Day:

Since accidents and falls are highly likely on the track, you must not ride in it without a protective motorcycle suit. At the race track you will come across cuts and corners which you don’t even have any experience with. Fall and mishandling of the bike is highly likely, and since you would be riding at a higher speed they will be worse in their intensity. With a suit on, you can avoid any terrible accidents and enjoy your track day fully. Here are some of the features your suit must provide:

One-piece: It is preferred that your suit must be one-piece motorcycle suit to ensure your safety. However, you can also use a two piece motorcycle suit that provides a tough zipper to attach the jacket and pants.

Leather: You should use leather motorcycle suit for ultimate protection. No material offers a better protection against abrasions then thick and superior quality leather. It must be at least 1.2mm thick to withstand any wears during falls.

Armor: The suit must be equipped with a durable, CE approved armor around all the vulnerable areas like your spine, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. The armor will disperse the energy of the impact and prevent any serious fractures.

Stitching: Motorcycle track suits must be made of high-tensile strength, multiple seams stitching to avoid any tearing during falls. Your skin should not be exposed; otherwise it will be rubbed off causing considerable amount of pain and bleeding. Nylon or Kevlar stitching are suitable for these suits.

Fit: A suit must fit your snugly, to the point of restricting your movement.

Stretch Panels: The suit must feature pieces of stretchable material around the joints. The material must be very strong and abrasion resistant.

Make sure that your suit offers all these basic features before participating in a track day event.

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