Ensure Your Safety at Night with High Visibility Suit

Ensure Your Safety at Night with High Visibility Suit

Riding at night or in low-visibility weather like rain or fog can be very dangerous without the use of high-visibility apparel. Statistics have demonstrated that most accidents on the road occur because an automobile driver is caught unaware of the presence of a bike rider in low light or unclear weather.

Importance of Special Visibility Apparel:

High Visibility Suit
High Visibility Suit

By using high visibility suit you will not only protect yourself in case of unfortunate accidents, but other people can recognize you from an adequate distance and they can easily react to your presence. It has been concluded through experiments that a car travelling at 60 miles per hour will travel about 1200 feet while reacting to the presence of an obstacle. On the other hand, even if an obstacle is plain white in color, it will become visible to the driver if he is at most 30 feet away from it. Therefore, you must wear this clothing so that the other people on the road have time to react to your vehicle efficiently. In addition, it is a requirement to wear Hi-Viz clothing for riding in a military base.

How Does High Visibility Suit Work?

The two main aspects of high visibility suits that make the rider conspicuous include the use of fluorescent color and the use of reflective strips all around the suit.

The colors for better visibility most commonly include neon yellow and safety orange. These colors stand out a lot on the street and anyone can recognize you from a distance if you wear them. According to ANSI standard the minimum area these colors should cover is 217 square inches for safe visibility. These colors will make you prominent in bad weather.

The main feature that makes one visible in low light is the retro-reflective strips. It is required that your suit must make use of these strips horizontally in front, back and sides to ensure visibility from all angles. These strips make one glow in the dark by reflecting all the light rays coming from the head-lights from the automobile back to the driver. Normally, other materials scatter light in all directions. Therefore, with high-visibility suit you will appear brighter than the other objects around you.

Get Class 3 Visibility with High Visibility Suit:

According to EN standard there are three levels of protection, which are named as class 1, 2, and 3 with class 3 being the highest. This level requires one to wear long sleeve jacket and full pants. They must make use of at least 5 cm wide reflective strips in the front and back of the jacket, on the sleeves and near the bottom of the pants. The suit must avail a pair of strips separated by at least two inches and they must encircle your entire torso. This will ensure that you are visible from all the directions.

After a long and frequent use the color and reflectivity of your high visibility suit will start fading. You should make sure to replace it with a new one when it becomes ineffective in making you prominent.

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