Features to Look For in Waterproof Suits for Riding in Rain

Features to Look For in Waterproof Suits for Riding in Rain

Riding in the rain can be very exciting and refreshing, but most riders avoid it because of the discomfort caused by the beating shower and chilly wind. No doubt, riding in the rain can be very painful and it can also damage your expensive leather motorcycle suit. However, you can prevent all this by investing in motorcycle waterproof suits.  These suits are not very expensive and a decent suit can be bought for a little more than $50, but you need to make sure that your water proof suit provides some basic features for your safety and comfort before you can use rush out in the storm in it with your motorbike.

The Suit Must Provide 100% Waterproofing:

Waterproof Suits
Waterproof Suits

Most commonly the materials used for water resistance include waterproof Cordura or PVC coated fabrics like nylon or polyester. These fabrics do not allow water to penetrate keeping you and your belongings dry. One-piece suits provide higher protection against the rain because of the absence of a seam around the waist. However, they are harder to get into. Well-made two piece waterproof suits will work efficiently too.

Pay extra attention to the seams. No gaps should be left when the seams are stitched together. They should be made impenetrable by the application of sealants, water-resistant glue, overlapping construction or heat welding. All the zippers should be waterproof and they should come with a flap to cover them up. The suit should be made of a tough material to prevent tearing during crashes. Any rips will render the suit useless.

Protection against Winds and Injuries:

There are two fundamental types of waterproof suits available in the market- one is just a water resistant shell that is worn over your protective gear and the other is fully equipped with characteristics so that the motorcycle suit can be worn independently. The first one is very cheap and you should carry it with you in case of rain and the other one is a bit more expensive and you don’t need to wear any major protective gear underneath. Choosing between the two is just a matter of personal preference and depends on the type of weather you live in.

If you decide to buy the protective type then you should make sure that the riding suit is made of a tough, thick, abrasion resistant material like Cordura or Kevlar. The suit must come with CE approved armor for safety against sudden impacts.  Kevlar stretch panels at the joints are a must for flexibility.

High-Visibility is Crucial:

Heavy showers can act like a curtain and make the motorcycle rider less conspicuous to the automobile drivers especially in low light. In addition, due to the lowered friction between the tires and the wet road the time taken by the automobile to stop can increase considerably. Therefore, you must make yourself more visible in the rain to prevent any terrible crashes with unaware automobile drivers.

The waterproof suits must be made of florescent colors like yellow and orange so that the rider can recognize your presence from a large distance in the daylight. The suit must also feature retro-reflective material that should be availed in both the front and the back to allow 360 degree visibility. The tape returns the light rays that strike it back at the rider making him brighter than the rest of the objects in the background.

Pockets to Shield Your Belongings:

You need to protect objects like your wallet, cell phone, etc. from getting wet. Make sure that the motorcycle suit you wear comes with inner pockets to secure these valuables from the rain.

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