First Gear Motorcycle suits Info

Every motorcycle ride is an experience in itself, full of excitement from the rush of speed and the power of the machine. It is imperative that the rider has the safest, lightest, and most stylish safety gear possible, as well as the best that current technology can offer.

First Gear Motorcycle suits stand out in each category. This is due to their well-known TPG, or Technical Performance Gear, which collectively defines just how perfectly made their suits are for the needs for every riding experience. The 3-part system consists of a Basegear, Tech Liner Jacket, and Outer Jacket.

Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit

Muscle fatigues are quite common upon an increase in body temperature. This also causes slow reaction time which could prove fatal in certain conditions. Basegear prevents the body from heating up via an advanced heat-release mechanism that helps your skin surface keep cool, therefore maintaining core body temperature. There are two versions: one for cool weather and one for warm weather, to suit the current climate and weather wherever you ride.

A mid layer jacket is made of a 3-layer laminate fabric of water and wind proof design, keeping the body protected from the elements of the weather. It also serves as a standalone, stylish jacket.

The Outer Jacket comes with an advanced, D3O ® shock-absorbent armor that greatly increases the rider’s protection from impacts. It also features multiple ventilating options, ensuring comfort in any adventure.

Their array of riding boots are built with advanced materials and are designed from the ground-up for maximum comfort, and their sizes accommodate a wide assortment of foot shapes. So whether you’re in for your everyday ride to work or off to ride in an exotic location, there’s a boot fit for any occasion.

Your hands are your most integral tools for motorcycle control, and are in direct interface with your bike. So the challenge is maintaining the proper equilibrium and environmental response while allowing for full dexterity and control of the machine. The assortment of gloves rises to every occasion for men and women with a full range for any rider driving in any weather condition.

Riding is not restricted to men. Women get to enjoy the excitement as well, thus Firstgear manufactures products true to women. Having a full range and assortment of sizes containing all the features for which they are known ensures women in every riding discipline will find something that suit their needs for any event.

Customer feedback remains high on every mark, citing that the affordability, features, and quality match those brands of higher prices. While you do not get any “Gore Tex Membrane”, the sustainability and performance under heavy weather conditions certainly meets the criteria for safety and comfort.

Although there is a lot of single row stitching where the cut panels fit together, they remain of high quality and the performance of the suit is not affected in any way.

There you have it. Great performance and durability for any riding event, in any weather condition, for everybody who enjoys the thrill of the speed.