Getting to Know about Dainese Motorcycle Suits

These days there are a lot of people turning to using motorcycles as a means of transportation. These are great for travelling long or short distances and are very convenient to navigate on the road. Moreover, a motorcycle does not consume as much petrol as a four-wheeler does. If you are going to invest in a motorcycle then you should get a professional motorcycle suit for yourself as well. This is one of the most essential biking gears to invest in, next to the helmet. Dainese is one of the best companies to turn to if you are in need of a motorcycle suit.

Dainese is a company inspired by the humans. The primary mission or objective of the company is to offer safety to people who are prone to obtaining traumatic injuries from motorcycle riding. Dainese motorcycle suits are not just meant for sports riding but these are also great for everyday use. Founded by Lino Dainese, a young businessman and motorcyclist in 1972 in Molvena (Italy), Dainese has truly come a long way from its humble start. The motorcycle-suits offered by the company are highly protective, in fact they are inspired from nature and from the armory dating back to the medieval period!

Dainese is most known for its airbag suit, MotoGP, which is a leather one-piece suit with an internal microprocessor that is capable of detecting a crash and triggering the integrated airbag s around the neck and shoulders to inflate. Till date, all riders wearing MotoGP to have suffered a bike crash were able to come out of it without a single broken bone! Thus, as far as reliability is concerned, you can trust in these motorcycle-suits completely. After all, this is a type of achievement that not many companies can boast of!

Dainese offer a wide range of motorcycle gears apart from motorcycle-suits. These are boots, gloves, backpacks, coffee mugs, vests and so on. All the products of the company provide comfort, style and protection to the wearer, which is why they are so well appreciated. You can opt for ‘off-the-shelf’ or readymade motorcycle suits from its website or you can have a custom-made one if you do not mind shelling out extra money in order to have a custom-fit.

As far as the fitting is concerned, the company uses European sizing, which is more precise than standard cuts in America and other parts of the world. The European sizing suits are designed to fit the body better, therefore you will have a more comfortable and appropriate alignment when you put these on.