There is an abbreviation used for bike riding, its called ATGATT, Which means All the Gear All the Time.

If you are a bike rider, you cannot deny the importance of bike riding gears. In fact, you are the one who ride and gears do the crucial job of a mascot. Yes, that is correct to say that your bike riding gears proves to be nothing less then a mascot, if you hit a ground on a stunning speed.

Wearing right gears save your precious life and work as a shield against any serious injuries, yet minimize the risk of fatalities. Now the question is that what qualities should an effective riding gear have? Well, there are certain standards to be maintained.

Moving on, it is really hard to understand when choosing between so many varieties available in the market or online stores. Even if you know the type of your bike and its requirements there are many other small factors you may not neglect while shopping for bike riding gear. A complete set of bike riding gear has different features and parts for head to toe protection. Helmet, leather suits, gloves, pants, boots, and different types of body armors are included in riding gear list for extreme protection.

Starting from top… first comes


A helmet should always be the priority when selecting your riding gear. It varies in sizes and shapes depending on your needs. It is very important that a helmet should meet the given standards of DOT. You must be able to move your head perfectly with ease in the helmet you are buying. It should not be too loose or too tight either. Since, you want to get yourself a protection for your head, your helmet should be fit enough to provide sufficient breathing space and should remain intact during any mishap.


Leather Suits are the second most important part of your riding gear, when I say second, that means second in number but it is equally important as your helmet. A well-armored suit is always a good choice to safeguard against any accidents or harsh weather situations. There are bulk of materials and brands available in the market to choose from, including mesh, leather, and textile. The most liked material for riding gear is leather. One of the favorites is the Tecknic motorcycle leather suits.


For that unharmed riding experience, you need to have the solid grip on your bike. Choosing high quality well assembled gloves can protect your hands and fingers from extreme temperatures. You may also opt for knuckle protection to be more protective to the joints of your fingers. Gloves do not have the lining option therefore; you must consider the weather you are going to ride in before selecting your gloves. Again, there is no shortage of choices, but I recommend hard leather for gloves, normally obtained from deer and kangaroo skin.


I hope you are not among those who simply skip on bothering for gearing up when it comes to the trousers .You better not take your legs and feet for granted…a slide off your bike without any protection can make you regret rest of your life. You may select between the types of your pants choosing between leather, or mesh. An idea of wearing add on armor also gives meaningful safety.


Always wear solid non-slippery boots to avoid and slips .if you will not be safely intact with your riding position it may cause serious damage.

Riding bike is challenge and being prepared for the challenge means that you have won half of the game already! Ride safe.

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