Motorcycle Thermal Suit for Cold Weather Riding

Motorcycle Thermal Suit for Cold Weather Riding

Riding in cold and chilly winters sends the shiver down the spine of even the most enthusiastic riders. However, some people cannot stand stowing away their bike in the garage for winters; they will still ride just for the fun of it. In addition, there are riders who live in cold climates, and they cannot help riding in freezing weather. Different brands of motorcycle suits are constantly introducing technologies in their thermal suit to keep the rider warm and comfortable at low temperatures.

Problems with Winter Riding:

The most basic issue faced by the riders in the winter is the extreme freezing cold which ends up leaving their body with cold sores and makes their body numb resulting in loss of dexterity. The intensity of the cold rises when one is riding even at medium speeds. As an estimate, subtract 20 degrees from the outside temperature which will give you an idea of the temperature your body will experience while riding your bike at average speeds. The chilly and splicing wind also increases the sheer intensity of the cold. It splices through your bones and leaves you in a lot of discomfort and pain.

Another problem with cold weather riding is that the moisture from fog or rain and perspiration can accumulate in their clothing giving rise to uncomfortable, clingy feeling and increased level of cold felt by the rider.  The wetness will freeze your body making riding for long hours impossible.

The visibility of the rider also becomes a serious trouble in winters. This is because the number of daylight hours is much lesser in winter, causing the night to fall earlier. Also, the fog can practically hide the rider from other vehicles, resulting in crashes with unaware automobile drivers. So, ensure your safety in winters with high visibility suits.

How Does Thermal Suit Help?

Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit
Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit

These suits make use of different layers of advanced fabrics to keep your body warm and comfortable. You can either get a textile suit with a liner for cold weather riding or you can just get full-body thermal underwear to act as another heat trapping skin underneath your usual protective gear.

The main reason riders feel cold is because of the heat losses to from your body to the surroundings. This clothing minimizes these losses and traps the heat within your body. A thermal suit is made of insulating layers like Thinsulate or DuPont. These materials are made of very fine micro-fibers which trap a lot of air within a very small area. The trapped air stops all the convective losses to the surrounding. These layers are very light therefore advance motorcycle winter suits are not bulky.

Thermal suits also make use of waterproofing layers to prevent the condensation and absorption of the moisture from the outside keeping you dry even in rain. They also provide moisture wicking which efficiently absorb the sweat and let it escape to the surroundings. This clothing also guards your body against the cold and chilly wind. It is perfectly impenetrable, especially at the seams, and it fits snugly on your body preventing the wind to pass through your body.

Thermal suit also provides high-visibility in low-light and fog by making use of 360 degree retro-reflective strips.

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