Racing Motorcycle Leather Suits Benefits

Most motorcycle racers use a one-piece leather suit. While some bikers opt for textile one- or two-piece suits, why is leather the best choice for racing? Protection and durability are some of the main Racing Motorcycle leather suits benefits.

Why Leather Is the Best Material

A good one-piece suit is one of the most important parts of your protective gear on the race track. Amateur and professional racers generally wear one-piece suits because they have fewer seams and other points that can tear or break if you fall. Most one-pieces can be zipped at the waist so you can also use your suit as a two-piece, especially when you ride outside the race track.Leather Suit

Leather is the first choice for motorcycle racers because it is the most protective material available. Popular leather materials for protective suits include cowhide, kangaroo and goat. Kangaroo leather is increasingly popular and also the most expensive option, but many consider it a worthwhile investment. If you you fall and crash the bike, leather will protect you much better than any other material.

Leather is a strong material that will not tear easily. If you fall and hit the tarmac, leather provides the most effective protection against burns and abrasions. It will also prevent sliding along the tarmac a lot better than any synthetic materials.

Protection Against Impact and Sliding

Leather also offers the best protection against the impact of a fall. Obviously your suit should have enough padding, ideally made of memory foam which is today considered the most protective option. Padding should protect the spine, the hips, the elbows and the shoulders, the knees and the thighs.

You can find one- and two-piece racing suits in a wide range of prices and styles. The top quality gear generally has better protective padding and the leather itself is of high quality. The stitching is also important, and the most expensive suits are often stitched better than the cheapest suits. A good suit will protect you even in case of a bad fall, and it will prevent you from sliding on the tarmac, without the suit itself coming apart.

Comfort is another important factor when buying a suit,. The suit should fit well – an uncomfortable suit will distract you on the race track. The protective padding should be in the right place and it should not feel loose. The highest quality suits are more expensive but they combine comfort, protection and quality.

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