Used vs. New Motorcycle Suit

Used vs. New Motorcycle Suit

Motorcycle riding should not be done without proper protective gear. However, riding safety apparel can cost a lot. You have the choice of buying used apparel, but there are some components that need to be brand new. This includes the helmet, gloves and boots. You can buy a used motorcycle suit without much harm compared to a new motorcycle suit one. Nevertheless, you should not expect the used motorcycle suit to provide you with excellent performance and comfort.

Used Suit Can Save You Considerable Amount of Money:

motorcycle riding suit
Motorcycle Riding Suit

A high-quality and durable brand motorcycle suit usually costs between $500 to over $1000. Although it is a worthwhile investment, it can be too heavy on the pocket of the riders, especially those who ride only occasionally. This is the main reason why many riders do not own a suit. However, you should pay due consideration to your protection, because you never know when an accident might happen even if you are an experienced rider. You have a choice of buying a used motorcycle suit, and with extensive research you may be able to find a great bargain on it. With better luck you can get it for less than 50% of the price of a one. You will be making great savings. The downside is that you cannot expect a used suit to have high durability. So, in effect you may not be saving any money as you will be investing in a suit again after only a small period of use. But a used suit is always better than none.

The Performance of a Motorcycle Suit Lessens with Time of Use:

The main protective features of the suit include leather, stitching and armor. Under significant stress and compression their ability to guard your body weakens. If the leather is not maintained well it cracks and stiffens, which reduces its capacity to absorb impacts. Also, some armor is designed to be replaced after frequent impacts. If the armor has faced a lot of high impacts, it means that it may break under the next one.

When getting a used motorcycle suit you must be aware of the time duration and frequency of use by the seller and you should also ask if he has faced any major accidents or crashes in the suit. You should check the suit yourself and verify that the stitching, leather and armor are in top-notch state. Any tears or cracks should be unacceptable. There is no point in dressing up in a suit if it is not going to guard you.

Finding the Right Size of Used Suit is a Hard Task:

A riding suit is quite useless if it does not fit you well. If you get a new motorcycle suit you will be given many sizing options. You can even try on the suit and get it altered without any extra charge. But you don’t have much choice when buying used motorcycle suit. Even if you have the same size as the previous owner, the suit may not fit you because of the difference in the form of the body. With frequent use leather usually stretches and changes its shape, and if, for example, the previous user had broader shoulders then the suit will be lose at the shoulders which is a critical area of protection. Even if you choose to buy a used motorcycle suit make sure that it fits you snugly.

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