Why Rider Prefer Leather Motorcycle Suits for Safe Riding?

The most important function of your motorcycle gear is to protect you in case you crash. The gear should also protect you from rain, cold, sunburn, windburn and debris that can fly from the road. Why Riders prefer leather motorcycle suits for safe riding? Leather simply offers the best protection against any kind of a fall.

Why Leather is the Most Protective Material

Motorcycle-grade leather suits and jackets are made with motorcycle leather, which is different from fashion leather and much more durable. Motorcycle leather is resistant to water and can be used in light or moderate rain, and it keeps you warm in cold rainy weather. While leather can seem too warm for hot summer days, summer leather suits are usually perforated to guarantee air flow. Leather protects you from the impact of a fall, and it also protects you from wounds, burns and skin abrasions.

Leather has a great grip and it is more likely to prevent you from sliding along the road if you happen to fall. Leather one-piece or two-piece suits with good padding protect the joints in the shoulders, the elbows, the hips, the ankles and the knees. The skin around these joints is also easily damaged, and it can take a long time to heal injuries to the joints or the skin around the joints.

Different Types of Motorcycling Leather

Motorbike jackets, pants and suits are usually made of cowhide, goat or kangaroo leather. All bikers have their own favorites although cowhide is the most popular. It is considered the strongest material and it also provides great resistance to abrasion. Cowhide is durable and tough, and it keeps you warm in most weather conditions. It is rain resistant and the water resistance can be improved with specific waxes and other products. Most bikers choose cowhide for its protective qualities. Goat skin is sometimes used as an alternative to cowhide. Kangaroo leather is usually the most expensive option, but it is very protective, strong and durable.

Many riders consider leather the most comfortable option, too. Comfortable gear can help you to ride for longer periods of time continuously, and staying comfortable in your gear can also help you to stay more focused on the road. Uncomfortable riding gear can distract you from driving and it can also increase fatigue especially on long rides. High quality protective gear is always worth the investment, and good leather motorcycling suits last a long time.

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