Ride Like a Pro in Motorcycle Suit

From decades, motorcycle riding is associated with Glamour, Passion, Speed, and Obsession. We could only see an increase in the charm associated with it. Regardless of gender and age discrimination, Bike riding has an equal impact of its enthusiasm in everyone. To some it’s a need, to some it’s a hobby and yet to others its life. Having said that all, if we have a glimpse around at bike riding aficionados, we barely find a single example of a bike rider who is deprived of a quality bike riding gear
In fact, we have a usual probability of finding one thing distinctly in common, and that is, the material of their riding gear. Mostly all the bike riders wear or at least own themselves a “leather riding suit.”

Leather itself is a legend and is worn by the legends. From centuries, we have been watching incalculable usage of leather. Whereas leather is most sought and recognized in the garment industry. Leather is derived from different but natural sources of animal skin and goes through several processes of tanning, before becoming exploitable.

Having multifarious qualities, leather has gained enormous significance and worth in almost every corner of the world. Thus, when we talk about bike riding gears …leather stands chief in the rank.

There is always a reason for the adaptability of any thing by the masses. Leather riding suits are liked and preferred because they have distinctive qualities as compared to any other material.


  • Leather is cool in summers and warm in winter
  • Leather Riding Suits allow aeration.
  • Do not restrict evaporation.
  • Leather Riding Suits are sturdy.
  • Leather riding gears are lightweight.
  • They are hard to burn.
  • Leather riding suits are flexible.
  • They add style to your riding experience.
  • Above all Leather Riding Suits are safe, because they are strong.

These all facts are ample enough to justify and make a valid point that why leather-riding suits have always been the choice o f Street and off road, professional and yet immature riders.


This is an equally important and interesting question. Below is a handy quick guide for you to buy your new motorcycle leather suit

  1. Initially you should be familiar with leather and its quality. There are several qualities and varieties available in the market, making it hard to distinguish the right one. The varieties may include cowhide, buffalo hide, and kangaroo.
  2. Choose your leather-riding suit wisely, whether you want to buy a one-piece leather suit, or you want a split or two-piece leather suit with a separate jacket and trousers.
  3.  You must consider the thickness and suit weight while buying a motorcycle leather gear.
  4. How much ventilation your leather suit provides is another important aspect to keep in mind.
  5. Never miss on looking for an accurate padding and protection; you should look for spine protection, aero hump, or safety insulation.
  6. How well stitched and fine lined is the suit which you are going to buy. Does it have insert pockets or snap-ins for back protection?
  7. Last but not the least, look for right thickness, and stretch in your leather-riding suit to give you complete comfort and protection.


How to Buy Womens Motorcycle Suits?

womens motorcycle suits

Womens Motorcycle Suits

When one imagines a motorcycle rider he often thinks of a hunky and rugged man with a cool black leather jacket; however, this is another one of false motorcyclist stereotypes which was only true in the 60s or 70s. Today the number of women riders makes up a significant part of the rider population. The percentage of female riders has risen from 3 to 4 percent in the 80s to 15 to 20 percent today, and it is still rising rapidly. Women have not limited themselves to street riding only, but they are participating on tracks and extreme sports riding. Like men, women also need a motorcycle riding suit for maximum protection during high-risk riding. Even though there are many women riders out there, many brands still do not manufacture womens motorcycle suits. The bigger names in motorcycle gear are making these suits, but their collection is quite limited.

Features to Look for in Womens Motorcycle Suits:

The main purpose of a motorcycle suit is to provide protection against the elements and injuries to the riders irrespective of their gender. Therefore, womens motorcycle suits for female riders are equipped with the same protective features as Mens suits. These include superior quality leather thicker than 1.2mm for abrasion resistance and a CE approved protective armor in the joints of the limbs, shoulders and spine to guard the rider’s body during impacts. For flexibility and ease of movement, the suit must come with high-tensile strength stretch panels in lower back, above the knees, crotch and arm pits.

A riding suit must fit any rider snugly for effective protection. A suit is useless if it does not fit the form of the rider. A female body differs in shape and contours from a men’s physique, so the womens motorcycle suits are designed specifically for their anatomy. The womens suits are generally narrower to fit the slender figure of a woman. The suit rise at the chest, narrows downs at the waist and is wider in the hips to fit the contours of a feminine body.

Recommended Brands for Womens Motorcycle Suits:

The number of manufactures of womens riding suits is quite limited; even some well-known brands like Icon or Joe Rocket do not provide suits for female riders. The great news is that as more women are hitting the track, many well-known riding gears brands are focusing on designing suits for them.

Alpinestars has one of the largest collections of both 1-PC and 2-PC suits for women riders. These suits have a well-thought design to ensure protection and flexibility of a female rider. Most of these suits are made of 1.3mm high-quality leather for maximum protection against rashes and abrasions. The suit design features well-placed panels which provide the best ease-of-movement and fit in all riding positions.

Dainese is another major provider of womens motorcycle suits. These suits not only offer excellent protective and comfort features, but they also have beautiful patterns, designs and colors to satisfy the fashion needs of a female rider. Dainese suits are usually fixed with 3D-Bubble liner which creates an air chamber around the rider with its own climate. This liner enables one to use this suit in all weathers.

Other notable brands include Jackets4Bikes, Arlen Ness, and Spidi.

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